Wicked Winnings Slot Machine Overview

Wicked Winnings is a land-based slot machine game developed by Aristocrat Technologies, one of the leading suppliers of casino games. The company has built three versions of the game since it brought out the first in mid 2000. All three are one cent games in which betting the amount will buy one credit. With such a small minimum bet requirement, Wicked Winnings is a good choice for low stakes players.

Innovative features

WWI & WWII SlotAristocrat has incorporated innovative features like Power Pay, a new concept in its hyper-linked products, to all three versions of Wicked Winnings. It has also added Reel Power and Xtra Reel Power.

When Reel Power is activated, paylines are not considered. When the feature is on, all payouts are made from left to right. To qualify for this, one type of symbol should show up on the adjacent reels.

Power Pay works like Reel Power, but requires players to post an ante which can help earn additional value with features that are not typically offered with the standard version of the game. The standard product allows you to make wagers with 25 credits. With the additional ante in Power Pay, the bet goes up to 50 credits. Some of the extra value features are free spins and additional multipliers. To get these benefits, you should activate Power Play by pressing a round blue button situated at the center of the slot machine.

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Differences among the games

  • In Wicked Winnings I, three Wicked Winnings symbols remain throughout the free spins, while none are retained in the second and third versions of the game.
  • Wicked Winnings III is a six reel game, but the first two are five reel versions.
  • Symbols are crisper in the third than in the first two versions.
  • Wicked Winnings II and III have re-spin features, but the first pokie does not.
  • Only Wicked Winnings III comes with XtraReel Power, which is offered in 4x5 reel format. If you want to play all six reels with this feature, you have to wager a minimum of 40 credits.
  • The bet amount for each spin is set at 50 credits for Wicked Winnings I and II, and at 200 for the third version.

Free spins

One of the most rewarding rounds in the games, which provide 243 ways to win, is free spins. They are triggered when the first and second reels get a symbol each engulfed in flames. Each free spins round brings fifteen free games. To qualify for a payout, the symbols in a winning combination should appear on separate reels. After you get a payout combination, the game will stop. You have to select the option to 'Take Win' to continue playing. The total amount you win in a free spins session will show up at the top of the screen. Along with the win amount, the area will also indicate the number of credits in your bankroll, and the value of each bet. During the free spins, the Wicked Winnings symbol acts as the wild.

Wicked Winnings I: The third reel has three Wicked Winnings symbols - one on each payline. If you get an incomplete winning combination on other reels, the three Wicked Winnings symbols will complete it. The payouts in the game are quite rewarding for most combinations. For instance, three moneybag symbols payout 375 credits. A few other winning combinations are - four nines that bring 60 credits, four jacks that earn 90 credits and three aces that bring 60 credits. Two tens winning 15 credits; three kings, 10 credits; and two nines, 5 credits are some of the other payouts you can get in the game.

Wicked Winnings II: During the free spins, the Wicked Winnings symbol acts as the scatter. Pairs of the symbol can complete a winning combination. Some of the payouts for the round are - a symbol of a high ranking card set ablaze giving 100 credits, five tens on different reels paying out 1200 credits, and four kings or five aces winning 200 credits. If three kings appear anywhere on the reels, you can win 10 credits; three tens, 10 credits; and two nines, 5 credits.

Wicked Winnings III: The payouts in this version of the game are quite high with a few winning combinations, compared to those in the first two games. One of the highest payouts in the game is 1400 credits for getting two raven symbols.

Re-spins feature

All three games have a re-spin feature. To activate it, you have to get three Wicked Winnings symbols on one reel. This acts as the wild and makes the payouts volatile and increases the amount that players can earn if they win. A second re-spin can be activated if two reels have three Wicked Winnings symbols each. With this, the multiplier can also increase. When a re-spin feature gets activated, the reel with the three Wicked Winnings symbols is held and the other four are spun.

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