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Betty Boop Slots Review

Betty Boop slots are offered by the house of Bally Technologies, one of the globally recognized casino game providers. Founded in 1932, today Bally Technologies is a leading manufacturer, distributor and operator of gaming systems, devices and solutions. The products offered by the provider include interactive and mobile applications, video slots, wide area progressives and reel spinning slot machines. The company also offers Class II central and lottery determination platforms and games, and solutions for slot accounting, bonusing, cashless table management and casino management.

In 1999 Betty Boop appeared in Betty Boop’s Big Hit at Harrah’s Las Vegas. After a gap of 12 long years, the much loved animated character was re-introduced by Bally Technologies in Betty Boop’s Love Meter. Today the slot is among the most popular machines around. To make the most of the 5 reel 40 line video slot’s success, Bally Technology recently released another Betty Boop inspired game called Betty Boop’s Fortune Teller. In spite of being almost a century old, the animated icon continues to fascinate people across the globe.

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Slot Theme

Betty Boop is one of the all time favorite animated characters in the US. Betty Boop slot machines are based on the iconic character. Grim Natwick created Betty as a canine character. She debuted as a sexy cabaret singer in 1930 in ‘Dizzy Dishes’. Her sidekick Pudgy and Koko the Clown were introduced in 1931. During this time Betty shed her dog identity. Her singing style was inspired by the ‘Boop Boop a Doop’ singer Helen Kane and her figure fashioned after Mae West (aka Mary Jane West). Over the years Betty’s popularity has only increased. 

Different Versions of Betty Boop Slots

Betty Boop’s Love Meter: This is a 5 reel 40 pay line slot machine. Players can purchase one credit per cent. The maximum bet is 300 credits. The slot has a massive top prize of one million dollars and an impressive overall hit frequency of 45.55%. The game features 3 level internal external progressive options and several exciting bonus features. Betty Boop’s Love Meter operates on Bally Technology’s innovative Alpha II Pro Series platform.

The ‘Love Meter’ theme entered the casino scene for the first time in the form of a top box mechanical game over a decade ago. Betty Boop’s Love Meter slot machine is a vertical cabinet typical of the new Pro Series. The machine features an upright top box with LCD screen used to exhibit the ‘love prowess’ of a player, a traditional carnival style strength trial bonus event, and multiple progressive jackpots.

Betty Boop’s Love Meter is the first slot machine from Bally Technology to feature the ‘iDECK’ button panel. It enables wagering buttons to be set up on a touch screen, which also acts as a 3rd video screen for displaying bonuses. The bonus features include Betty’s Purse, Light Up Betty’s Life, Unlock Betty’s Heart, How Hot are You and Free Games Feature. Players need to bet max on line jackpots to win the top and secondary progressives worth $1,000,000 and $1,000 respectively.

Betty Boop’s Fortune Teller: This is the latest Betty Boop themed slot game from Bally Technologies. The game is loaded with progressive jackpots and incredible 6 bonus features. The game makes use of the innovative U-Spin technology in the Fortune Wheel. Players can hit exciting bonuses or progressive jackpots by spinning the Fortune Wheel.  The bonus features include Betty’s Treasure Chest, Tarot Reading, Palm Reading, Betty’s Healing Crystals and U-Choose Free Games. Betty Boop’s Fortune Teller promises to be as exciting as Betty Boop’s Love Meter.

Differences between the two slots

Both Betty Boop’s Love Meter and Betty Boop’s Fortune Teller slots depicts the adventures of iconic animated character Betty Boop and follow a similar overall structure, but their central themes are completely different. Betty Boop’s Love Meter is all about testing a player’s love powress and love potential, while Betty Boop’s Fortune Teller is about predicting the future. The older game has 5 bonus rounds, while the new one has 6 bonus features. Betty Boop’s Fortune Teller makes use of the innovative U-Spin technology. Both the games give players a chance to win massive progressive jackpots and are available in land based as well as digital versions.