Bally Technologies and G2 Game Design announced that they will be revealing a brand new slot based off of the History channels popular television series “Pawn Stars”. The debut of the new pop-culture slot game is set to take place Oct 1st, 2012 at the G2E in Las Vegas.

If you love Pawn Stars, this game is likely to provide you with loads of entertainment as it features all the cast members of the hit reality show backed by the Bally ALPHA 2™ Pro Series™ cabinet.

Pawn Stars Slot

Features Available in the Pawn Stars Slot Game
This game is loaded with features and designed to replicate the "Pawn Stars experience". Players will be able to select which character they want to use to play the game as well as buy and sell items through the Pawn Stars store. Bonuses are available throughout including a special Chumlee Bonus.

Slot Theme

The PawnStars slot offers 11 different bonus wheels directly located above the screen. Trigger the bonus wheel and spin it for an instant win prize. The bonus wheel includes up to 20 free games, inventory that you can use to redeem for free credits or additional bonus rounds.

To start the game you will need to choose your favourite Pawn Stars character. Of course this includes Rick, his father Richard, commonly referred to as “Old Man”as well as Corey and of course Chumlee. Once you’ve made your selection you will enter the world of Pawn Stars, where you will buy and sell your way to fame.

A fun bonus round on this game is the negotiations bonus round where you will choose whether to buy or sell an item to the Pawn Stars. Hopefully you’ll hear “that’s a really nice item so I’m gonna give you your asking price rather than “sorry, the experts say your item is fake. Better luck next time. The sayings come directly from the show including Rick’s infamous “Ya know -- I have a buddy that’s an expert with this item. Let me go give him a call.”

To sell an item you will need to collect them in the base game which is determined by random. Once an item has been accumulated it will automatically move up to the inventory screen which is located at the top of the machine as well as on the deck.

If you run out of money, you can always choose to sell these items to the PawnStars for instant credits. The value of each item is determined by random.

Play the Chumlee Bonus!

Perhaps the best part of all is the Chumless bonus. Trigger the bonus round and the screen will load with Chumlee, dressed in a leprechaun suit and muddling through a pot of gold. It’s almost as good as Chumlee in the elf costume in the 2009 Season 2 Episode 8 dubbed “Secret Santa”.

Other game features for PawnStars slot machines include the popular ideck interaction as well as free bonus games, wilds and you the you pick’em feature.

The Pawn Stars slot game is set to make its debut October 1st, however the game will not be available on the casino floor until early 2013.

Fun Facts About Pawn Stars

  • Did you know, Chumlee's real name is Austin Russel?
  • Pawn Stars is now aired in over 130 different countries and in more than 37 languages. The show made its original debut July 19th, 2009 and has now become the most popular series on the History Channel and the #2 most watched show throughout North America.
  • At one time Rick purchased a Quiznos franchise which Corey and Chumlee ran for him. Other businesses included an ebay store and buying and selling items at swap meets.
  • Austin Russell received the nickname Chumlee from friends in elementary school. The name came fromr a Tennessee Tuxedo cartoon character “Chumley”.
  • Rick's father Richard has a 51% stake in the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop
  • The most expensive item at the Harrison shop is the 2001 Super Bowl ring, valued at $60,000. It apparantly belonged to Brock Williams who pawned a few years after receiving it for $2,000.