Betsoft Gaming has released yet another game and this time it’s Miles Bellhouse and his Curious Machine. This new online slots game is equipped with new features not available on other Betsoft slots in addition to excellent graphics, fantastic bonus rounds and overall, a well-designed online slot game. There’s no doubt that we love playing Betsoft slots at, but this game is fantastic from start to finish.

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How to Play Bellhouse and His Curious Machine

This game is another “inventor” themed slot machine, similar to the Madder Scientist, however the background is a remake of Ned and His Friends. Mile Bellhouse will be your guide along with his trusty sidekick Gizmo.

This slot game has 30 paylines, however, using the +/- button will allow you to play all 30 paylines simultaneously or as few as one payline. You will also have the option to increase or decrease your bets along with choose the number of coins you would like to bet per payline. The game is automaticallyu set to wager .10 however you can choose from 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, or 0.50 with up to five coins bet on each payline.

What’s New with This Slot?

Betsoft has finally delivered the gamble feature, which up until the release of this game, was not available on other Betsoft slots. The gamble feature is played out in cinematic view and is available on each win. Click the “Spin Double Up” button to gamble a win. Once done, a new screen will appear where you Gizmo will ask you to pick a hand to find the hand with the coin in it. Click the wrong hand and you will find a bolt. Make the correct choice, and your wins from your previous spin are doubled. You will then have the option to collect your winnings or go for another round of double or nothing.

The Curious Machine Bonus Rounds

This game includes all the features players love with video bonus slots including a reel rewind feature. Below are the bonus rounds you can expect in this time travel slots game with an overview of each feature.

The Vortex Wild Symbols – Win When You Lose!

The wild symbol on this slot game is the Vortex symbol. What’s cool about this feature is that you can win even though you lost. For example, assume you spun the reels and landed a dud, however you happened to land a Vortex symbol. The game would automatically load the Vortex bonus feature which allows the symbols adjacent to the Vortex symbols to switch – thus giving you another opportunity to win. Basically, the symbols will move around, like a Vortex and stop randomly. If they line up with other symbols, you win. If not, the reel rewind feature will take place.

Reel Rewind Feature

This is another feature that gives you the opportunity to win even though the reels came up empty. When you spin the reels and lose, the game will randomly award you with a respin. The re-spin is available on all losing spins, except for free spins. The reel in which you receive the re-spin will be chosen by random.

Blast to the Past Free Spins

We all love hitting those free spin bonus rounds, and the Curious Machine offers this. Receive three or more Dinosaur symbols and you automatically win free games with the chance for each spin to win a 5 x multiplier. The graphics and animation in the free games round are definitely up to par as you travel back to the prehistoric era.

The multipliers are awarded by random and you will not be able to double up on your wins during the free spins feature, or any other bonus feature.

Travel through Time Bonus Round

This is another bonus feature in Miles Bellhouse and His Curious Machine slots game. To win this feature you must land three or more of the control symbols (it kind of look like a mechanical room). Once triggered a new screen will appear where you will help the time traveler and his robot escape from the General.

Once triggered, you will take your seat in the time machine and hit the travel button. Miles and his robot will travel back in time to escape the Major. Each successful travel will result in a win of credits. The amount of the credits is random but span between 200 – 1500 depending on how far into the time travel game you reach. Travel to 500 AD, the Prehistoric era, etc.

Overall, this game lets Betsoft shine as one of the top online slot developers. The game is reminiscent of the classic 1960 Time Machine movie starring Rod Taylor and includes many of the main features, like the Vortex. If you like this slot, have a look at our Betsoft page, where you can find over a dozen different 3D slots just like this one.

Game Facts:

  • Reels: 5
  • Paylines: 30
  • Maximum coins: 150 coins
  • Wild symbols: Yes
  • Multipliers: Yes
  • Scatter symbols: Yes
  • Free spins: Yes
  • Bonus game: Yes
  • Betting range: 0.02 up to $75
  • Coin range: $0.02 up to $0.50
  • Max coins: 5

Curious Machine Winning Combinations

  • Miles Bellhouse – 5:2500, 4:1000, 3:500
  • Robot – 5:1500, 4:750, 3:375
  • General – 5:1000, 4:500, 3:200
  • Hat & Money – 5:500, 4:250, 3:125, 2:25
  • Time Travel Machine – 5:500, 4:200, 3:100
  • Valves – 5:250, 4:100, 3:50
  • Scene from the Future – 5:100, 4:50, 3:25
  • Maps – 5:50, 4:25, 3:10