It Came from Venus is a brand new slot machine game available exclusively through Betsoft Gaming. If you enjoy playing IGT’s Little Shop of Horrors slot, you will definitely like this one. The Venus slot game features a free spins bonus round, random wilds with up to a 10 x multiplier, a “pick me” instant win and a new feature, the collapsible reels. Betsoft is an industry leader when it comes to 3d video slots and this game is perhaps one of the best new slot game they’ve come out with so far in 2012.

How to Play It Came From Venus Slot

The Venus fly trap slot machine is a five reel x 30 payline slot. This is a multi-denominational slot, which means you can bet anywhere from $0.01 up to $.50 per payline. You can also increase your wager by betting additional credits. The game is fixed to play with one credit at $0.05, so use the appropriate buttons.

You’ll notice this game has a double up button located directly below the Spin button. The double up button allows you to play a game of double or nothing. The button is only clickable once you’ve earned a win. Click the button and a movie clip will play out where the farmer will play a game of catch. The object is to select whether the Venus fly trap will catch or miss the apple. If your selection is correct, your bet will automatically double and you will have the option to play again or collect your winnings. Should you guess incorrectly, your winnings from the slot spin are forfeited and the double up bonus screen will close.

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Feed Me More Free Spins!

The Feed Me Free Spins bonus round is only available after you have collected three feed sacks. The sacks will appear randomly on the reels. Once you hit one, the sack will jump off the reel and land on the barrel. The Venus fly trap will then devour the sack whole. Once you’ve collected the required bags a new screen will appear and you will be awarded 11 free spins. You cannot retrigger the free spins bonus round. You can however win sticky wilds by landing additional feed sacks.

Everyone Loves Random Wilds!

This game is loaded with random wilds. The random wilds are a bit unique compared to other Betsoft slot machines. The random wilds in this online slot are equipped with multipliers. The multiplier can either double your winnings or increase it by 3 x , 5x, and even 10 x the original win. They do hit often, but they have to lineup with other symbols to act as a wild.

Scatter Pays are Huge!

Unlike other Betsoft slots, the scatters in this game pay out quite well. The base amount is 450 credits when you land three scatters. The scatter symbol on the Venus fly trap slot is the “Do Not Trespass” sign. If you are lucky enough to hit four scatters, you win 650 credits, while five scatters will award a 1500 payout.

Stacked Collapsing Wilds – What are they?

A stacked collapsing wild happens when a complete reel holds the same symbols. When this happens, the symbols will literally collapse down and new symbols will take its place. Sometimes this can help to achieve a bigger winning payout, which is entirely dependent on where the collapsing reel takes place, while other times it’s a complete dud. This feature happens often; however, you have to be playing all 30 paylines. Otherwise you don’t qualify.

When the symbols collapse, you automatically earn an extra 3 x multiplier on the win shown on the screen.

Everyone Save the Planet Bonus Round

This bonus round is available when you collect three helicopter symbols. Once triggered, a new screen will open where you will watch a clip involving the military swooping away the Venus fly trap from the farmer. The farmer then chases the military and leaps onto the Rover where he discovers five “Top Secret” crates. The object of the game is to select as many “empty” boxes before discovering the Venus fly trap. Each box is filled with an instant win, with the number of credits determined by random. When you discover the Venus fly trap, the game automatically ends and your winnings from the bonus round are added to your account balance.

It Came From Venus Winning Payouts / Combinations

Below are the winning combinations available for this online slots game. As always, the game pays left to right and all line pays are multiplied by the initial bet wagered.

  • Venus Fly Trap – 5:2500, 4:1000, 3:500
  • Farmer – 5:1500, 4:500, 3:250
  • Military – 5:1000, 4:400, 3:200
  • Scarecrow – 5:500,4:250, 3:125
  • Hummer – 5:375, 4:150, 3:75
  • Meteor – 5:250, 4:100, 3:50
  • Dog House – 5:125, 4:50, 3:25
  • Barn – 5:125, 4:50, 3:25
  • Shed – 5:125, 4:50, 3:25

Why the Reference to Little Shop of Horrors?

Some of you might have to come to this page looking for IGT’s classic slot machine game Little Shop of Horrors, while others might be searching for the “Venus fly trap slot”. We mentioned IGT’s game in this review because of the resemblance of the Venus fly trap in Betsoft’s game. Both games include the iconic Venus fly trap which was infamous in the classic rock musical “Little Shop of Horrors”. Both games have the collapsing reels, or in IGT’s case, it’s called a “tumbling reel”. Both resemble each other but have unique and distinct characteristics that make them fun to play.

About Little Shop of Horrors

The Little Shop of Horrors was an American movie made in 1960 by Roger Corman, however the concept originated back in 1932 with a book called the “Green Thoughts”. The idea behind the film was about a florist who cultivated a plant that would feed on humans, specifically a Venus fly trap. The movie itself was shot in less than two days on a measly $30,000 budget. The classic movie was later turned into a Broadway rock musical during the mid-80’s. The 80’s saw the movie back in the theaters when Bill Murray along with Rick Moranis (stars from the blockbuster hit The Ghostbusters) headlined the cast. The movie wasn’t as well received as the creators would have liked, but the Little Shop of Horrors cult continued to gain in popularity.

The theme was also turned into a Saturday morning cartoon and two more attempts were made on Broadway – a national tour that took place across most of the United States in 2006 and another in London during 2006. While the original Little Shop of Horrors was a b rate movie, the musical is said to be the most popular choice among US high schools for school productions (according to Time Magazine in 2007).