Wee Chin Electric Machinery Inc., or WECHE, doesn't produce, refurbish or restore slot machines like the other companies we have listed. Instead they create the cabinets that the newer video slot machines sit in. They've been at it for over 30 years and currently operate out of two factories. The first one is in Taiwan, and that focuses on the production of the cabinets. The second factory is in China where the primary focus is on parts, as well as helping the Taiwan factory out with production. Between the two factories they produce over 2,000 finished cabinets every month.


WECHE builds cabinets. That's the service that offer.

All of the cabinets are modern, if not borderline futuristic in style. For example, the slots cabinets have touch screens, LCD monitors, printers, card readers and coin hoppers. Then they're wrapped in graphics, paint and chrome.

WECHE doesn't only build cabinets for slot machines though. They build cabinets for other (electronic) casino games, as well as for jukeboxes, kiosks and kids games. They can make you a rotating sign, with or without the jackpot LED sign, and they accept custom orders as well. Cabinets can be ordered in wood or metal.

Parts are also available for sale. They're not listed though, so you'll have to contact the sales department to see what's available.

Contact Wee Chin Electric Machinery Inc.

If you'd like to contact Wee Chin you can do so using the following information:


No.57-1, Huadong Rd., Ta Fa Industrial
District, Daliao Dist., Kaohsiung City,
Taiwan 83162, R.O.C.


Tel : + 886 7 788 4949
Fax : + 886 7 788 0072

Email: weche@weche.com.tw

You can also contact them via their form on their website.