Macs are compatible with almost everything these days, so there’s no excuse to not own one; they’re easy to use, elegant, and powerful, which makes them perfect for playing at online casinos and slots sites.

If you’re just getting started gambling on a Mac, here are 10 facts to help you get in action. Online casinos and slots for Macs can seem complicated, but don’t worry – everything you need to know is right here in this article.

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10 Must-Know Facts About Online Casinos and Online Slots for Macs

1. Most downloadable casino software isn’t Mac compatible.

Most online gambling sites have downloadable software, but it’s meant specifically for Windows PCs. This software won’t work on your Mac, so don’t bother downloading it.

Just because a casino or slots site doesn’t have downloadable Mac software doesn’t mean you can’t play there, though. Most gambling sites have alternate software that runs right from your web browser, regardless of the operating system you use.

2. Most online casinos and slots sites have instant play software that works on Mac computers.

 If you look at any online casino’s website, you’ll see a giant “instant play” button right on the home page. This button is the holy grail for us Mac users, since it leads to Mac compatible software that lets us gamble online.

Instant play software runs right from your web browser, no download required. This allows you to play from home, work, or even a public computer all with just one click. Since instant play software is web based, it runs flawlessly on Macs. If you want to gamble at casinos or slots for Macs, you’ll probably end up using instant play software.

3. Online slots and casinos for Mac usually require Adobe Flash.

Adobe Flash is a multimedia platform that allows for cross-platform video game and movie development. A webmaster can add a Flash application to her website, and that application will work on any computer that has Flash installed – regardless of the user’s operating system! This cross-compatibility is what allows online casinos and online slots for Macs to thrive. But to take advantage of the technology, you’ll need to install it first.

If you’re using a public or work computer, chances are that Adobe Flash is already installed on your machine. If you’re using a personal computer, however, it may not be Flash enabled. To check whether or not you have Flash, click here to go to Adobe’s Flash checker.

Once you’ve got Flash installed on machine, you can access any online slots site or casino for Macs. Just head over to the site’s webpage and click “instant play” to get started.

4. Mac compatible casinos are of comparable quality to downloadable casinos.

You may be wondering if Flash casino software can possibly be as good as downloadable software. The answer is a resounding yes. Now that high-speed Internet connections are the norm, rich-content Flash games are equally as functional as downloadable games. Mac online casinos have the same features, games, and graphics as any downloadable casino, so don’t worry about having to settle for less.

5. There are hundreds of Mac compatible slots that work just as well as downloadable slots.

Mac slots sites develop really good Flash software. In most cases, you can’t even tell the difference between downloadable PC software and instant play games. There’s absolutely no benefit to playing downloadable slots rather than Flash slots, so don’t feel like you’re missing out by using a Mac.

There’s a Flash slot out there for every taste and style. Each machine has a unique combination of reels, symbols, and paylines that makes for a totally fresh experience. It’s impossible to get bored with all the themed Mac slots out there, some with bonus levels that rival an Xbox epic. You’ll have to try some of the newer Mac slots for yourself to see what I mean. 

6. Most online slots and casinos for Macs have a practice mode that lets you play for free.

Once you’ve got the technical stuff out of the way, it’s time to start playing. If you’re not quite sure where to start, no problem – you can test out some casino games or slot machines without paying a dime.

Most online casinos and online slots for Macs have a “practice play” mode in addition to a real money mode. Practice play lets you test the waters using fake chips before diving in with your own cash. There’s no real money value at practice tables, and you’re free to play however long you want. So it’s a no-brainer to splash about with some funny money while you’re trying to decide what games you like best.

7. When you’re ready to deposit at a Mac casino or slots site, there’s probably a cash or free spins bonus waiting for you.

Mac online casinos and slots sites want to keep you playing, and the best way to do that is to offer incentives. That’s why most sites offer a first deposit bonus to new players. A first deposit bonus amounts to free cash for you, so it would be silly not to take one.

I’d go as far as recommending you not play at any site that doesn’t offer a deposit bonus. Why would you when there’s free money to be had elsewhere? To help you identify which sites have good bonuses, we’ve reviewed some popular casinos and slots providers right here on our website. See our reviews to identify the bonuses you’re eligible for.

8. Not all online casinos and slots sites accept US players.

We know that not all casino software is compatible with Macs. But would you have guessed that some casino and slots sites aren’t compatible with countries? It’s true: some online casinos and slots for Macs won’t allow players from the US to play. So if you’re American, make sure a site is US compatible as well as Mac compatible before attempting to sign up.

9. Depositing at online casinos and slots sites for Macs is easy.

If you want to play for real money at a Mac casino or slots site, you’ll need to fund your player account somehow. This is easy to do as long as you have a credit card or a checking account.

The easiest way to fund an account is via credit card. Most gambling sites accept all major cards including VISA, MasterCard, Amex, and Diners Club. Note that US credit cards have a high probability of being rejected.

You can also fund a Mac casino or slots account using an e-wallet. E-wallets are like a middleman between your funding source and a gambling site. You load up an e-wallet with cash from your credit card or bank account, and then use said cash to deposit at a casino or slots site. Signing up at a major e-wallet like NETELLER or Moneybookers takes just minutes, and is a great idea if you plan on depositing and withdrawing frequently.

10. You can withdraw from Mac online casinos and slots sites using whatever payment method you want.

If you hit a jackpot and want to cash out, no problem – moving money from your casino account to your bank account is quick, easy, and safe. If you deposited using a credit card, chances are you can cash out right back to the same card. Otherwise you can cash out to an e-wallet or via bank wire/money transfer. Note that most banks charge fees for accepting wires, so it’s best to use another method if possible.