You will more than likely have comes across slot games before be it at a land based casino, or played them in an online casino. However there are a range of slots known as Fruit Machines which are commonly found in UK gaming venues. These games have recently been brought into the online gambling environment by casino software companies such as Microgaming.

This article focuses on all aspects of fruit slots. It's a rather large article, so we've created a menu below that you can use to go to the different sections. Use the links to find out what is a fruit slot, how fruit slots work, an overview of the best online fruit slots and finally, a glossary of terms.

Online Casinos with Fruit / UK Slots

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Types of Fruit Slots

Should you be getting the urge to play Fruit Machines online, then you are going to have a large, varied selection of them available to you. It can often be quite difficult finding one that suits your playing style. So to help you along a little, below you will find some of the top online Fruit Machines, and alongside each you will find out why they are so very popular. Have a read through them as they list the bonus features, payouts and lots of other information on each one. This should help you select one that tickles your fancy!

  • Abra Kebab Ra

    The Abra Kebab Ra fruit machine is based around a Kebab Shop and as such you are going to find several reel symbols which reflect this theme, including Chillies, Kebabs and the Kebab shop Cook himself, along with many of the standard reel symbols such as Cherries, Lemons and Oranges.
    The game also boasts a feature round, activated when you get three of the Lamp symbols anywhere in view, once triggered, you are presented with three bonus ladders on which you can be awarded either nudges, cash amounts or a cash multiplier.

    The base game boasts a jackpot of some 1000 times your stake, and the bonus game can award a cash multiplier of up to 2000 times your staked amount.

  • Apocalypse Cow

    This is one of Microgaming's more comical fruit machines, and boasts a rather bizarre looking Cow who is a mercenary and as such, is ready to jump into battle at a moments notice!

    The base game has all of the usual fruit machine features including nudges, nudge repeaters, nudge gambles and holds. On the base game, a jackpot of 500 times your staked amount is on offer.
    The bonus game, which is awarded once you spin in three T-Bone Steaks anywhere in view on the screen, will see you being sent to play a bonus board type game where you will work your way around picking up bigger and better prizes, features and/or nudges.Top of the page

  • Billion Dollar Gran

    This fruit machine features a little old lady on the base game, and unlike other fruit machines, where you win yourself cash multipliers for lining up three matching symbols on the one pay line, on this slot you will be awarded a various amount of win spins once any winning combination is spun in.

    Once you have spun in a winning combination then the screen will change and you will be presented with a 3x3 grid type game, this is a five pay line slot, and the reels will spin as per the number of win spins awarded. Each spin will be a guaranteed winning one. The cash prizes on offer vary in size from x1 up to a maximum of x500 your staked amount in the base game, so some huge payouts are possible on this fruit machine.

  • Bingo Bango Boom

    With nudge, holds, several different winning pay line combinations and a feature trail which awards the bonus game on this fruity, there will be plenty of action available as you play the base game. But, it will no doubt be the bonus game you are wanting to trigger. Once you spin in enough numbers on the reel symbols (which add up to eight or over in total), this feature round will be awarded.

    The bonus game, is of course, a bingo game (as you may have already guessed from the name!). Powered by Microgaming software, you will get to play a bingo game which can award one of several prizes, so lets hope you get a full house and hit the maximum jackpot!

  • Cash n Curry

    Set in an Indian Restaurant, this fruit machine from Microgaming has a feature grid which is the key to winning and being awarded the bonus game. All you need to do, is to line up three spice spots in any one of five possible positions on the reels/grid and the bonus game is awarded.

    The base game however, has plenty to like about it, and this includes things such as a nudge gamble (which lets you try and increase the amount of nudges you may have been awarded), plus a base game on offer of up to 500x your staked amount. A huge jackpot can be won!

    Should you make it onto the bonus board (which, to be honest, is awarded extremely regularly), you will get to play a bonus board type feature that will see you spinning a number reel and moving around the outer board, make it into the centre of the board, and a massive 500 times your stake jackpot is available to be won! This can repeat time and time again allowing you the potential to win some mega amounts of cash, even when playing on modest stake levels!

  • Chavin It Large

    This is a unique fruit machine found only in Microgaming powered online casinos, and whilst the bonus feature round does not trigger very regularly due to how it is awarded, once it does finally trigger, it offers some truly massive paying potential, so it is probably best suited to the more patient of fruit machine players!

    The aim of the game is to spin in, three times on the trot, any of the Trainer pay line winning combinations. Once this happens, the all cash awarding bonus ladder will appear and lets you take a stab at winning one of several cash amounts displayed on the ladder by simply clicking the stop button. Which ever light you manage to stop and illuminate will be the amount you have won and this can be a huge 250 times your stake, and thanks to the yes/no repeater this can be won time and time again! So for the maximum winning potential, perhaps you should give this fruit machine some serious play time, and do not forget that you can play it in either free play mode, ideal for getting to grips which how the game works or real money mode. Top of the page

What is a Fruit Slot?

These types of machines also go by the name of Amusement with Prizes machines (AWP's), or Fruities, as they are more commonly known. However, they all come with bonus features, which unlike casino bonus slots, for example, have a very high trigger rate.

They can, and do, appear very regularly unlike video slots, which trigger their free spins or picking rounds etc every 100+ spins. The Fruit Machines trigger their many feature games every few spins. The idea of a fruit machine was that it originally was supposed to be a machine that provided entertainment with a small prize, offered in the form of very modest payouts, hence the name Amusement with Prizes.

However as they progressed over the years, they have become more of a gambling form of gaming machine due to them allowing higher stakes and much bigger payouts than their forefathers. One thing that often puts the more savvy gambler off playing Fruit Machines, is that they can quite legally be set to payout very low payout percentages, many UK land based venues such as Amusement Arcades and Pubs can set these types of machines to return to the player payouts as low as 72%, and in terms of playability, that makes a very poor gambling proposition for anyone wanting a sporting chance of actually walking away a winner.

Online fruit machines however, are the next generation of these type of games, and by playing online AWP's you are not only going to benefit from much higher jackpots and low, mid and high stakes, but the actual payout percentages are much, much higher than those offered in land based venues. It is quite common for online Fruities to offer payout percentages in the 96% to 98% range, which makes them much more playable. Top of the page

How Fruit Machines Work

The way in which Fruit Machines work is quite different from casino slot machines, although both types of gaming machines are set to return a certain amount back to players by virtue of the payout percentages. Whilst casino slots are random, and play out in such a way where by you click the start button and the outcome is determined by a random number generator, Fruit Machines have a totally different game play structure and are programmed in such a way that they will play in cycles.
These cycles can often be described as pump and dump cycles. So, when a Fruit Machine is in a pump mode, that means it is going to be eating players stakes without giving them any worthwhile pay line winning combinations or bonus game payouts, and conversely when, it is in dump mode, it will fire out plenty of winning payouts.

The logic is that Fruit Machines work on strict payout percentage thresholds, a series of no or low payouts experienced by the player will result in the actual payout percentage of that game reaching such a low amount, that the payout percentage regulator built into the machines onboard processor decides that to comply with the laws in regards to payouts, it now has to payout x amount in payouts on the next session. So no matter how the slot is played, it will fire out win after win or jackpot after jackpot to correct the balance of the payout percentage to bring it back up.

This has led to some players being able to guess when a Fruit Machine should be played, by watching the machines in a bar, club or pub and watching other players shovelling pound after pound into them. They simply wait, and then jump on them when the time is right, and as night follows day, these professional Fruit Machine players (of which there are many) can bag a small fortune.

It is also possible to "force" a fruit machine to payout, this is done by simply playing it in such a way that you, for all intents and purposes, play it to lose. This may sound bizarre but by gambling every win that spins in via the games double or nothing (or similar) gamble feature, and continuing to do so, along with refusing any features that are offered or even by nudging in non paying combinations on purpose to the pay line. There will come a time when that slot machines payout percentage hits the minimum it is permitted, and therefore has to start banging out those winning combinations in an urgent attempt to bring the payout percentages back to legal limits. Top of the page

Base Game Fruit Machine Features

There are many base features commonly associated with Fruit Machines, and these can be found on the majority of them. Below is a quick glance guide to enable you to get to grips with these and get a better understanding of what they do and how they operate.

Holds - This is simply a feature which allows you to hold, and therefore lock into place any reel for the next spin you make. The idea is to simply increase your chance of hitting a winning combination, or often a hold will be offered when you have just spun in a winning combination and therefore can hold all of the reels to get paid that payout again!

Nudges - When nudges are offered you can move one or more of the reels downwards one position at a time. This enables you to possibly nudge in a winning combination. The number of nudges awarded will vary from machine to machine, with some not only allowing you to nudge reels downwards, but also let you nudge upwards. This adds a lot more excitement to your game play when they start to be awarded and you can nudge in some of the bigger paying combinations!

Fruit Machines - Bonus Round Types

You are going to come across several different types of bonus game rounds when you are playing Fruit Machines, and whilst an experienced player will have no problems understanding how each one works and plays out, a new or novice Fruity player may often not have a clue as to what is going on when the bonus feature rounds are triggered. So we though we would give you a quick overview of what you can expect.

Feature Ladders

A Feature Ladder is named so due to the fact that it looks like a ladder. You will see on the fruit machine glass or screen several different cash amounts, nudges or features positioned on top of each other, much like the rungs on a ladder. Once the bonus feature lights then one of these feature ladders will be in play.

The idea behind a feature ladder is that the lights will flash in a random fashion on one light at a time but at a quick pace. The player then has to hit the stop button as one of the higher valued cash prizes, features or nudges is illuminated. Whichever of the lights the player manages to illuminate via the stop button will be the prize that the player is awarded.

On some fruit machines there is also a yes/no repeater awarded at the completion on each cash ladder bonus game. Here the player can try and repeat the bonus game and play it again by stopping the yes/no repeater on the yes light. Top of the page

Win Spins

Some fruit slots will award you with a set of win spins during a bonus feature game or round. These are similar to free spins as found on casino video slot games, however the main difference is that each win spin awarded is a guaranteed winning spin, so for example if you are awarded 10 win spins then each of those ten spins will be winning ones, and as such will be winning amounts of any of those displayed on the pay table of the Fruit Machine.

Unlike free spins, this feature will very rarely offer a repeat chance, so, once you have completed playing them off, all winnings are credited to your bank and you will return to the base game.

Bonus Board

Fruit Machines that offer a bonus board type feature game are some of the most popular Fruities around. One such game being Bell Fruits' Cops and Robbers game. The way in which these types of bonus boards are awarded are usual fairly standard and will entail you getting a certain amount of symbols filling a bonus grid, or completing the feature trail by getting the required numbers spinning in on the pay line reel symbols. Once awarded, the board will light up, and you get to play the bonus board game.

Here you are presented with a board, think of it similar to a Monopoly board. You simply roll a dice or spin a number reel to be awarded a set of moves. You then move around the bonus board picking up nudges, cash amounts or features as you do so. You will be offered the chance to collect any of these cash, nudge or feature prizes, or given the choice of trying for bigger and better cash and nudge amounts or high paying features by carrying on and continuing to work your way around the board.

The game will come to an end only when you have collected one of the cash amounts,nudges or features offered (or when you bust out by landing on a game over type box on the board). Whilst these bonus boards can be quite exciting to play due to the high trigger rates, they can be awarded as they tend not to payout the top prizes very often, so can be a little frustrating to play for some players.

Bingo Bonus Game

As many British slot machines are often to be found in Bingo Clubs and Bingo Halls in the UK, a lot of them are designed to award a type of Bingo bonus game that will appeal to the players in such places.

These Bingo games will involve the player being awarded one or more on screen bingo tickets or cards when the feature round triggers. They will then watch as the bingo balls are drawn and the more they match on their card, the better prize they are awarded. Whilst only Bingo players tend to find these bonus games exciting, the average Fruit Machine player tends to shy away from these machines, preferring instead, the more action based bonus feature rounds than leisurely ones! Top of the page

Bonus Trail

Many pub fruities will feature a bonus trail type feature game, this is displayed somewhere on the machine, most commonly found directly under the reels or along the side of the machines, and this is simply a trail of different numbered positions some containing nudges, some containing features or cash amounts and some containing nothing.

How these feature trails work is that super imposed onto some of the reel symbols are a set of numbers, and when these numbers spin in on the pay line the numbers move along on the feature trail. By cleverly using such things as nudges and holds to move this trail along, you can find yourself winning one of the features listed, those being cash amounts, nudges or even additional bonus feature games and rounds.

Wheel Spin Bonus

You may see a Wheel Spin Bonus type of game offered on some Fruit Machines, and to be honest, these are some of the most popular types of feature rounds. As the name suggests, how these work is that when the feature is awarded, you will get to spin a wheel. This wheel will be divided up with different things attached to each segment. Most commonly different cash amounts, however they can also include things such as nudges or additional feature games.

Once the Bonus Wheel has been awarded the player simply needs to hit the spin button and the wheel will be set in motion and wherever it finally comes to rest is what you will be awarded from the feature. Often, a repeat type bonus can be won, allowing you to hopefully win this repeater and spin the wheel again to win another prize. Top of the page

Fruit Machine Terminology

If you are new to playing UK fruit slots, you know you can often get a little confused with all of the terms and sayings, or even the controls of these types of gaming machines. So, we thought it would be a good idea to put together and compile our little terminology guide below, which should give you a better insight into the way in which these games work and operate.

Have a quick look through the list below, should you be scratching your head at something you have found on one of them, or found a button that may be puzzling you. All of the most common fruit machine terms, sayings and game play controls can be found below. You can also check out main term page here, which lists terms above and beyond fruit machines.

Win Line - This is often more commonly known as the pay line, and is the place where you are hoping to get a winning combination spun in. Some fruit machines offer more than one win line and as such, you can win several times from one spin.

Nudges - These are a form of bonus feature which allow you, once triggered, to move any of the reels downwards (occasional, but rarely upwards) one at a time, in the hope that you will complete a winning combination on the win line.

Take a Peek - At the top of the reels on some fruit machines, you will see a small triangle, and when lit during the Nudge feature, you can click on these and it will move the reels downwards, enabling you to see what the reel symbols are when they are out of view. This gives you a clearer idea of what you can possibly nudge in.

Nudge Repeater - When you have been awarded a set of nudges and have used them, the Nudge Repeater may light up When it does you are awarded with another set of nudges in the hope that these additional ones will enable you to nudge in a winning combination on the win line.

Gamble Nudge - If you have been awarded a set of nudges but haven't got enough of them available to complete a winning combination on the win line, a Nudge Gamble may be offered. Here you can try and win yourself more nudges via this win/lose a nudge type feature.

Nudge Bank Held - If you haven't enough nudges to be able to complete a winning combination, by simply not using them and clicking the start button to commence a new game, the unused nudges may hold and then be awarded after the completion of this next spin. Top of the page

Hold - At the foot of each reel, there may be a Hold button, should these light up at the start of your next game then you can click any of them to lock into position any reel for the next game. Sometimes they are offered when you have just spun in a winning combination, and therefore by holding each reel you will get the win again!

View Feature - This button allows you to take a look at what the bonus feature game screen looks like. This is ideal for when you are playing a Fruit Machine for the first time as it allows you to get a better idea of what you will trigger once you start to play the awarded bonus games.

Feature Trail - This will be a trail type series of numbers, where once you complete the trail, the bonus game will be awarded. The numbers light up on this trail once you spin in reels with super imposed numbers on them. So spin in a number 3, and the trail will light up three positions etc.

Spin Button - This is what you need to click to set the wheels in motion.

Win Spins - Instead of offering a cash multiplier, when you have spun in a winning combination on the win line, some Fruit Machines offer a set of win spins. These will play out on another screen and every win spin awarded is a guaranteed winning spin.

Repeater - Some bonus games let you re-trigger the feature by offering a Repeater. This is often presented as two flashing lights, one saying Yes and one saying No. You are tasked with trying to stop the light on Yes to be awarded the feature a second time.

Hi - Low Reel - Some Fruit Machines offer a gamble type feature, whereby you win more nudges, cash amounts or features by correctly predicting whether the next number spun in on the Hi Low reel will be higher or lower than the previous number.

Cash Selector - This type of bonus feature is played with a series of lights flashing on various cash amounts, your aim is to try and hit the stop button when one of the higher valued cash amounts is illuminated. Whichever light you stop on is the cash amount you have won.

Free Spin - From time to time a Fruit Machine may award you a free spin. This is simply a spin of the reels for a new game which will not cost you anything They are often offered as compensation for a losing feature or a lower prize on a feature trail.

Stoppa Win - This is similar to a Cash Selector in as much as you will be offered several cash amounts, either on the Fruit Machines display or via a set of flashing lights. You must try and stop when the best cash amount is offered.

Extra Life - If you are awarded an Extra Life whilst playing the bonus feature on any Fruit Machine, you can carry on playing should you lose the feature by bringing it back in to play.

Reel Shifta - A randomly awarded feature is the Reel Shifta or Reel Steppa, this will suddenly be triggered and one symbol on the reel will light up and then the other reels will step downwards until you line up three matching symbols, therefore being awarded that three of a kind winning combination.

Multi Add - When you are playing a bonus board feature game, you may land on a square that awards you something called a Multi Add. This adds a random amount of additional nudges, cash amounts and/or features to those you have already been awarded.

Skill Shot - When playing a bonus game, or sometimes the Fruit Machine base game itself, a Skill Shot will be awarded. This will see you watching as each letter in the word Skill Shot lights up one at a time. You must click the stop button on the last letter, if successful, the bonus game will launch or continue.Top of the page