Skill stop slots are slot machines with an added feature that lets the player decide when to stop the reels. Regardless of whether you play a casino video slot, or online video slots, the game will include a “stop” button located on the screen near the spin button. When you hit the stop button, the reels will immediately come to a screeching halt. This article explains the history of the skill stop, and where to find a skill stop slot game online.

Which online slots have the skill stop feature?

There are literally over 300 online slot machines with the skill stop feature. This includes all of the Real Time Gaming slot machines along with Net Entertainment. Depending on the game, the skill stop feature will is prominently displayed on the screen as a stop button, however some games offer the skill stop within the actual spin button. This means that you will need to hit the same button you hit when you started to spin the reels.

Some popular games with the skill stop button include "Under the Sea", "Jack and the Beanstalk", "Robin Hood" and "Scarface"

Which casinos have skill stop slots?

Unfortunately, skill stop slots are a thing of the past in the United States. Rarely will you find a skill stop on the casino floor, which means you will have to look online. The skill stop is still quite popular globally, and more specifically in Japan where these games are referred to as “Pachislo” slot machines.

Can I win more by playing a skill stop slot?

A skill stop slot is still random. It doesn’t matter if you hit the button five seconds into the spin, or one second – the outcome is always determined the moment you hit the spin button, not when you hit the stop button. The moment you hit the spin button, the machine has already determined the outcome.

Skill Stop Slot History

The “skill stop” slot machine predates most of the machines on the market. This type of slot dates back to the mid 20’s when it was first released by Mills Novelty Co. The original skill stop slot used the reel-stop arms. These arms would release from the timing bar when a player hit the stop button located on the front of the machine.

It wasn’t until the 70’s that the skill stop slot became popular. This particular slot feature was re-introduced into the market by Zacharias Anthony with a slight twist. Players would be able to stop individual reels rather than stop all at once. This gave the player the feel of having more control over the game, although the outcome was predetermined by the spin button. The Anthony skill stops satisfied the New Jersey gaming laws, which at the time stated that players must have some control over the game or it contain a degree of skill. The skill stop was then added to a variety of Bally games and became one of the biggest features to hit the slot machine market.