Countless children have been enchanted by the Frog Prince story in their childhoods, where a beautiful young princess gets her prince charming by kissing a frog. Tapping the popularity of this fairy tale and the power of nostalgia, International Game Technology (IGT), a Nevada based leading manufacturer of gaming machines, has created a lively, musical slot machine. The animation and graphics are world class, sure to make one relive their childhood memories and have a lot of fun.

Various scenes from the original story have been inculcated into the game to provide a comprehensive Frog Prince experience. Even the pay symbols have been borrowed from the story, including the frog, the crown, cherries, strawberries and the Frog Prince book itself. The machine belongs to IGT’s S2000 coinless series and works through ticker printer or hand pay methods.Frog Prince Slot Machine

Slot Theme

The theme of this slot machine is based completely on the popular Frog Prince fairy tale. Every aspect of the game is based on the story and the incidents from it, like kissing the frog, making a wish etc. Motifs and patterns are all drawn out from the story book. The Frog Prince story has many versions written by many writers, a well known version written by the Brothers Grimm.

Game Details   

The Frog Prince slot machine has fifteen paylines and a total of seventy five credits can be the maximum bet on a single spin. Hence, the maximum wager limit on each line is of five credits. The pay symbols need to show up on paylines which have been chosen and played upon, and reflect on the video reel.

The chance to win scatter pay becomes possible when the scatter pay symbol, a wishing star moon in this machine, is seen on the video reels. This symbol could be from any one of the various lines played together, the scatter win is paid only for the highest number. If two symbols appear in any position, the player is awarded two credits multiplied by the total bet. Similarly, three symbols will get you five credit multiples of the bet. The maximum scatter pay opportunity occurs with five symbols, generating one hundred credits of the bet.

Like most online slot machines, the Frog Prince slot too allows only the highest scatter win to be payable at one time. However, the amounts won through scatter are paid in excess of other wins through lines or bonuses. Players can really win big through these multipliers.

Bonus Rounds

The Frog Prince slot offers two different bonus rounds. The bonus rounds have been named after two iconic features from the story. The first bonus round is called ‘Kiss the Frog Bonus’ and the second bonus round is called the ‘The Magic Wish Bonus’.

Kiss the Frog bonus round starts if three crowned frogs happen to arrive at scattered positions. The hit pop song of the 70’s ‘Joy to the World’ plays out to mark the beginning of this bonus round. The player needs to choose one of the lucky frogs and deliver a kiss. With this, the frog transforms in a handsome prince charming, just like the story and brings credit for the player. Different frogs transform to different princes and the credits are also variable. The frog lures the player with offers which he may decide to accept or forego. To accept the offer the player touches the keep button or he may choose to touch the lips if he wants to mark rejection. The range of credits to be won in this bonus round varies from one hundred to four hundred times the bet. It is an enjoyable round offering fun and opportunity to win.

The second bonus round, ‘The Magic Wish Bonus Round’ is like bringing up the climax through a magic wish and is a popular favorite. As the name suggests, this round enables the player to make a magic wish and win big. The beginning of this round is subject to five symbols, either of the magic wish book or the Frog Prince book landing on a playline. The player then has the option of selecting any one book, which will give him a certain number of free spins. The number of free spins differs from book to book and is a matter of luck. The maximum number of spins is six and the multiplier is determined by choosing a magic wand, maximum being five times. 

The Frog Prince fairytale was first published by Brothers Grimm and was one of the first fairytales to come from the Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm. Others include Little Red Riding Hood and of course Rapunzel.

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