The Godzilla from Monster Island Game is a video slots game from the well known gaming developer IGT. The company unveiled this game at the Global Gaming Expo 2010 along with some others that are based on popular culture icons from TV and films. This game joined the ranks of Sex and The City, Dirty Dancing and Ghostbusters as a Mega Jackpot offering from IGT.

Godzilla from Monster Island is a 5 reel, 40 payline game that comes with a progressive jackpot. 3 bonus rounds make this game as profitable as it is entertaining. Players can get up to 50 free spins and benefit from up to 5x multipliers to enhance winnings manifold. The Multiplay feature allows players to try their luck with four games at the same time in this new age slots game version of the evergreen monster movie.

Game Theme

This mega jackpots game featuring the ever popular monster, Godzilla from Monster Island deserves applause for its amazing 3D graphics. Playing this game is like launching oneself into a thrilling alternate reality world where monsters battle it out for supremacy. With Godzilla’s atomic breath, some stunning monster graphics and truly monstrous action, it is no surprise that this game is a huge draw at the casinos where it is available. Larger than life characters, realistic and interactive gaming demonstrate exactly what immersive gaming is all about.  Godzilla Monster Island Game

Don’t forget to get the full impact of the touch screen gaming with the rounds featuring Godzilla’s atomic breath. This is an interactive bonus feature, the first of its kind, where players can actually touch the screen to draw/ direct the monster’s breath to a desired location onscreen.

The game draws heavily from the movie ‘starring’ the well known King of Monsters- Godzilla. The amazing surround sound, thanks to IGT’s MEGAFx Surround Chair, makes players feel like they are back at the theatre watching the movie. In fact, players will see some very familiar scenes from the movie making an appearance at specific stages of the game. Some other familiar characters also appear, such as Mothra, MechaGodzilla and Gigan. Some of them may have some rewards to offer so keep a keen eye out for these characters on screen.

 Thrilling Game Play with Great Winning Opportunities

A series of larger than life characters make an appearance in this game leading to a thrilling experience when you choose to play the Godzilla from Monster Island video slots game. The game takes interactive playing to new heights. Try your hand at directing Godzilla’s atomic breath to vaporize surrounding objects. If you are really skilled at this you could eliminate enemy tanks literally with just a breath- a nuclear powered Godzilla type breath, that is!

Godzilla from Monster Island comes with some variations in the base and bonus games. In the base level, Godzilla’s atomic breath ignites wild symbols. Players stand to get credit values or an award- all bonus that automatically moves them to the next level.

Mothra and Godzilla appear in the base game bringing random wilds. As Mothra flies in, the wilds change to expanding wilds. Result, increasing wins and multipliers up to an amazing 25x to enhance your take home cash manifold. Godzilla may also award his wilds, albeit in a less peaceful manner. He may blast one or both base games to give you up to 20 wilds per game.

Three rounds of bonuses offer exciting rounds where you can battle it out in true Godzilla style while stacking up the wins. The Godzilla vs. the City bonus round is the first bonus round where our favourite monster comes out of the water to pulverize buildings and send the citizenry screaming. Award credits and multipliers are up for grabs here too. In the next level, it is either Godzilla vs. the Military or Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla.

In the Godzilla vs. the Military bonus game, you get to use the monster’s amazing nuclear breath to annihilate the military vehicles to win. This is the area where you can enjoy true immersive gaming with the touch screen option to direct the monster’s breath. The third bonus round, Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla is the most thrilling round where players can get free spins to magnify their winning opportunities.

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