Microgaming’s “The Dark Knight” is a brillantly designed slot machine.  This is a 243 ways slot machine featuring cinematic clips from the batman movie and with the correct speaker set up, the music is played in surround sound, just like the theater.  This slot is not the first slot machine to base their game around “The Dark Knight” movie. IGT was the first to release the batman themed slot machine on Feb 29, 2012 and obviously it was a huge success. Microgaming, along with DC Comics and Warner Brothers Digital Distribution have followed up with their version, which in our opinion is far superior to IGT’s Batman slot.

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How? The background plays out a clip from the original Dark Knight movie on every spin. Along with the background, each win featuring a cast member will also play out a scene from the movie.  Watch Batman jump from the ledge of a building onto the roof of a car, or some of the other memorable scenes from the original movie. This game is packed solid with bonus features, HD quality graphics and jackpots.

Batman Slot Machine

Dark Knight Slot Machine Features

The Dark Knight slot is packed with features; however, this game is only available as a real money slot machine.  Free players will not be able to test this game in play mode because of the network progressives.

The game first loads with the official trailer from the original Dark Knight movie. You do have the option to skip the Gotham clips if you prefer not to watch.

Once the actual game loads you will be greeted with some of the main characters from the original Warner Brothers movie. Since this game is a 243 ways win slot, you won’t have the option to play one or all lines, as the game is pre-set to play all regardless. You do however have the option to select your wagers. The minimum bet on this batman slot is $0.01 up to $1.00. The game does have the option to increase the number of coins from 1 to 5 and a skill stop button.

*Side note - 243 ways does not mean you will be betting 243 coins. The game is pre-set to bet 30 coins across 243 lines.*

Four Progressive Jackpots Available

This game offers four different progressive jackpots. The best part is – all of them are won at random. The progressives include;

  • Mega Progressive – This jackpot always starts at $1,000,000 and grows from there.
  • Major Progressive – This jackpot starts at $10,000 and continues to grow until won.
  • Minor Progressive – This jackpot starts at $100.00
  • Mini Progressive – This progressive starts at $10.00 (usually hits by the time it reaches $20)

The progressive jackpots are only available during the progressive bonus round. Again, the bonus round is triggered by random. When you received this bonus, a new screen will open where you will select either the Joker (Heath Leger ) or Batman (Christian Bale) character. The big wheel will spin, and you collect whatever prize the wheel lands on. This could be a progressive, an instant win or another bonus round.

Free Spin Bonus Feature

The free spin bonus feature is available by landing three or more of the scatter symbols (which happen to be the joker painted face).  If you are able to land these scatters you automatically win 15 free spins with a 2 x multiplier. You’re not limited to just a 2 x multiplier. For each additional free spin you manage to win during the bonus feature, the multiplier will continue to increase up to 5 x. Both Batman and the Joker appear randomly throughout the game. Each scatter win is added to your ways win however you will not be able to trigger the progressive bonus feature while in free spins mode.

Random Visits from Batman or the Joker

The game also includes random wins. Every now and then Batman or the Joker will make an appearance on the reels. The joker will usually blow something up and turn that particular symbol into a wild, while Batman will usually hit something. Either way, this is an instant win if you happen to have the correct symbols adjacent to the Batman / Joker random wilds.

Last but not least, the wild symbols in this game are the batman symbol. These are a locked wild, which means the wild symbols will cover an entire reel. This does not guarantee you a win, but can help when you have the correct symbols adjacent to the wilds.

About the Dark Knight

The Dark Knight flim was released in 2008 and was an instant box office hit. This superhero flick, produced and co-written by Christopher Nolan had a start-studded cast and was based off of the DC Comics Batman.  The movie was first released in Australian, followed by North American and then the United Kingdom. During opening weekend, the movie grossed more than $158 million and has generated over $1 billion in worldwide revenue thus far.

The main character in this movie, aside from Christian Bale’s Batman is the Joker, played by Aussie born Heath Ledger (Heath Ledger died from accidental overdose from a combination of prescription drugs during the editing of the film). The storyline is similar to all other Batman movies, in that Batman tries to bring down the hardened criminals and the Joker attempts to kill or unveil Batman’s true identity.

This movie is no different and the Joker issues a warning declaring mass murder each day until Batman reveals himself.  The original Dark Knight movie is action packed and completely entertaining.
A sequel, The Dark Knight Rises is set to release on July 20, 2012.

The Dark Knight slot machine winning combinations / payouts

  • Batman – 5:400, 4:80, 3:40
  • Bruce Wayne (Christian Bale) – 5:350, 4:70, 3:35
  • Joker – 5:300, 4:60, 3:35
  • District Attorney Harvey Dent (Aaron Eckhart) – 5:250, 4:60, 3:30
  • James Gordon (Gary Oldman) – 5:200, 4:50, 3:25
  • Rachel Dawes (Maggie Gyllenhaal) – 5:175, 4:50, 3:20
  • Major of Gothem (Nester Carbonell) - 5:150, 4:45, 3:15
  • Maroni (Eric Robters) – 5:125, 4:45, 3:12
  • Lau (Chin Han) – 5:120, 4:35, 3:10
  • Joker Symbol  (Scatter) – 5:3000, 4:300, 3:60, 2:30
  • Batman Symbol (Wild) – 5:400, 4:80, 3:40
  • A – 5:90, 4:25, 3:7
  • K – 5:75, 4:20, 3:5
  • Q – 5:75, 4:20, 3:5
  • J – 5:60, 4:15, 3:2
  • 10 - 5:60, 4:15, 3:2