If you’re a ‘Droid owner with a penchant for online gambling, you’re in luck: Android casinos and slots allow you to gamble anywhere and at any time from your mobile. There are literally thousands of casino and slots apps on the market, all of which have unique features and purposes.

This variety is definitely a good thing, but it can make finding the perfect app challenging. To aid you in your search, here are 8 must-know facts about Android casinos and Android slots. Armed with these facts, you’ll be up and gambling on your ‘Droid in no time.

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8 Important Facts About Android Casinos and Android Slots

1. There are hundreds of free Android casino and slots apps available on Google Play.

Google Play (formerly the Android Marketplace) is your one-stop shop for Android-compatible gambling apps. There are thousands to choose from, all developed by software professionals who know how to deliver a quality user experience. What’s really awesome is that many of these apps are completely free.

Most free Android casinos are full of features you wouldn’t find in regular online gambling software. For example a lot of casino game apps serve up strategy tips alongside gameplay, which can help you perfect your game. Other apps combine unique themes or storylines with traditional casino games, which can spice up the playing experience considerably. Fun and intricate themes are especially popular with slot game developers.

The easiest way to find a free Android casino or slots app is to run a search on Google Play. A query for a term like “casino” or “gambling” will bring up a list of hundreds of apps, including:

  • Slot Machine, a realistic Vegas-styled slot complete with animations and a bonus game.
  • Real BlackJack, complete with a basic strategy trainer and gesture-based controls.
  • Craps, a true-to-life craps game where you roll the dice with a flick of the wrist.

2. It can be worth upgrading to paid Android slots and casino apps if you’re after a quality experience.

Free apps are great because – well, they’re free. There’s a sliver of truth in “you get what you pay for,” though, and it’s often worth it to upgrade to a paid Android casino or slots app.

Most paid apps cost only a buck or two, so it’s not a huge investment. Often that small investment translates to improved support, user interface, and gambling experience. Developers behind paid apps frequently fix bugs, add features, and generally care more about their product than free app developers. It’s up to you whether or not these benefits justify the cost in the end. 

Paid Android casino apps often have some value-added content that free apps just don’t have. For example there are a few high-quality casino game trainers out there that help you to develop a winning strategy. Some examples are:

  • Count’em Blackjack PRO, a well-designed app that helps to hone your card counting skills.
  • Roulette Tracker, which helps you to identify streaks and patterns to maximize your profits at roulette.
  • Video Poker Tutor, which trains you to make the best play all the time in video poker.

Paid Android slots apps are often packed with extra bonus games and subtle features. For example “Slot Machine +” comes complete with 4 bonus rounds you can hit on certain symbol combinations, including video poker and scratch card games. “Monkey Money Slots” features a “coconut round” where you climb trees to win free spins. You won’t find features like these in free Android slots apps, which is one reason to consider going the paid route.

3. You won’t find real money casino or slots apps at Google Play.

We’ve seen that there are a ton of great paid Android casinos and slots games. But it’s important to note that paid apps are NOT the same as real money gambling apps. While you do pay for paid apps, they don’t constitute real money gambling. To gamble with cash, you need to access real money Android casino and slots sites outside of Google Play.

4. Most online casinos have real money apps available outside of the Android Marketplace.

Most traditional online gambling providers offer Android software in addition to PC and Mac software. Such software allows you to play for real money right on your smartphone or tablet. You can use real money Android casino and slots software from wherever there’s an internet connection; doing so can make work, commuting, or other boring obligations much more entertaining.

5. You can play real money casino and slots games right from the stock Android web browser.

Some mobile casinos are coded in HTML5 (similar to iPad casinos), which is compatible with pretty much every browser out there – Android included. That means you can play real money slots and casino games without even downloading anything to your mobile.

The benefit to HTML5 mobile casinos is that they’re compatible with all platforms – Android, Windows Phone, iOS, etc. If you’ll be gambling on more than one type of mobile, you’d do well to choose an HTML5 casino. It just makes life easier not having to worry about compatibility between phones.

6. Android devices support Flash, so you can play your favorite no-download casinos and slots sites from your mobile.

Android is one of the only mobile platforms to support Adobe Flash. This means you can use any online casino’s no-download Flash software on your Android device.

One benefit to this is that you can use the same piece of software on both your PC and your mobile. You won’t have to re-learn any game controls or user interfaces, which could simplify the playing process considerably.

One potential downside is that Flash clients can be unreadable on smaller Android devices. That’s because no-download Flash casinos are developed for computer screens larger than 13”. Reading labels and pressing buttons becomes increasingly difficult as screen sizes get smaller. So if you’re playing from an Android phone where screen sizes are less than 4”, maybe Flash clients aren’t the best option for you.

7. Some online casinos and slots sites have downloadable apps native to the Android platform.

If you don’t want to use HTML5 or Flash casinos, some sites have downloadable apps made just for Android. These apps are usually built using Java, which allows for a more feature-packed and graphics-intensive experience.

Most of the time, you need to download these Android-native apps from an online casino’s website. Surf over from either your PC or mobile for provider-specific instructions.

8. You can create and fund an Android slots or casino site account in less than two minutes.

 From start to finish, setting up an Android casino or slots app should take you all of two minutes. There are three steps you need to take: sign up for an account, fund your account, and access the casino software on your mobile.

You can sign up for an account from either your PC or Android device. You’ll need to fill in some forms, so pick whichever platform you’re most comfortable typing with. Head to your chosen online casino’s webpage and click “sign up”. You’ll be served a form requesting some basic personal information. After you’ve chosen a user name, entered your address information, and verified your age, you’re ready to fund your casino account.

Funding a casino account requires access to your site’s cashier. This in turn requires you to have access to the site’s gambling software. You can obtain said software from your online casino’s webpage. There will be a “mobile” button of some sort prominently displayed on the site. Click it to download the Android casino or slots software (or if you’re on a PC, to send the software to your phone).

Once the casino software is set up, head to the cashier. Click “deposit”, and select a funding source. The easiest way to fund an account is by using a credit card. Alternatively you can use an e-wallet or e-checking service like NETELLER. Once you’ve got cash in your account, you’re ready to gamble for real money from your mobile.