There are many different elements and components which make up a slot machine. What often makes one slot more popular than others are such things as unique bonus feature rounds and / or the potential jackpot on offer.  One thing the majority of slot games will share in common is the Wild symbol. This article focuses on the variety of wild symbols on offer through slot machines.  The slot machine wild symbol is no longer as simple as replacing other symbols.  

The Wild symbol first appeared on slot games decades ago, and whilst slots were very basic in those early years this symbol did offer players additional winning potential. However, with the modern day slot player looking for more and more advanced playing features the slot game designers enhanced the usage of the Wild symbol. Below we have highlighted many unique ways this symbol now operates on a wide variety of slot games.

Wild Symbols in Play on Slot Machines

Wild Symbol - You will come across many of the older, more easy to play three reel slot games when you play online as they still have a large following, and in its most basic form this Wild symbol has the task of standing in for other symbols on each reel, so when one appears and you have two other matching symbols alongside it then it will complete a 3 reel winning payout combination.

Wild Multipliers - As the years ticked by the Wild symbol was beginning to look a little dated so to keep players interested they gave it two duties so to speak. The first was its usual job in replacing other reel symbols and therefore helping to complete winning combinations, but they also allowed it to increase the payouts of any winning spin. The wild symbol would act as a multiplier. The value of this multiplier can and will differ from machine to machine.

For an extreme example of a Wild Multiplier in play take a look at the High 5 slot game which makes up a tiny part of the Microgaming slot game portfolio of games. This is a 3 reel slot which allows players to play just one single payline with up to three coins in play on each spin they make. However, when you spin in a winning combination on the payline (which has the special Wild multiplier symbol in it) then your win is worth 5 times its normal payout value. If you are lucky enough to get two of these symbols in a winning combination, then the multipliers are multiplied together resulting in your win of 25 times its normal value!

Random Wilds - Some slot games will have what are known as Random Wilds in play. These usually kick into play during the free spins bonus rounds, and as their name suggests they appear at random and turn standard reel symbols into completely wild ones.

One game which has a Random Wild symbol in use during its free spins round is the Dolphins Tail slot. This is a 40 pay line bonus video slot machine found in Microgaming software powered online casinos, and at any moment during the free spins feature one standard reel symbol may spring to life and be transformed into this Random Wild symbol.

Wandering Wilds - A Wandering Wild symbol is probably best described as a lost soul! These type of symbols will wander around the reels as you play the slots base game. Then when the reels finally come to a rest, this symbol will attach itself randomly to one or more of the reel positions therefore making it completely wild.

A perfect example of a Wandering Wild symbol in play is on Microgaming’s 30 payline online slot Jonny Specter. Keep your eyes peeled on the Ghost symbol as you spin the reels as he bounces around the screen and will then choose a reel he likes and land on it, thus transforming it into a wild position.

Another similar example of the Wandering Wild symbol can be found on the brand new Great Griffin slot machine from Microgaming, this features a large Griffin who will fly across your screen at random swooping onto one or more reel positions as he does so and turns them into wild positions.

Stacked Wilds - Where as some slot games will have just one single wild symbol on each reel, others will have multiple wild symbols. In an attempt to give players as many winning opportunities as possible Microgaming, Betsoft, NetEnt and IGT have now got a new type of wild symbol and this is known as the Stacked Wild symbol. This is a set of wild symbols which have been placed one on top of each other on the reel strips and due to this layout you could spin them in in such a way that every position on any one or more reel is completely wild.

The Grand Journey is a good example of a recently released Microgaming slot game which has some of these Stacked Wilds in play, and the best part of this 30 payline slot is that these Stacked Wilds are also multiplier symbols. The stacked wilds will double the value of any winning spin they help to complete. If you get a screen full of them and you will win yourself some serious amount of cash!

Expanding Wilds - The final wild symbol we would like to introduce you to is known as the Expanding Wild symbol which is fairly straight forward to understand and one that can and does hold the potential for you to win some huge amounts. An Expanding Wild is simply a standard reel symbol however when it lands on any reel position it will expand both downwards and upwards and cover the entire reel . This means the entire reel is therefore completely wild. IGT, Aristocrat, Netent and Microgaming all have slots with expanding wilds.

One slot which boasts this Expanding Wild symbol is Microgaming’s Hitman slot game. These symbols only appear on reels number 2, 3 and 4. When they all spin in at the same time on all three reels this will mean you get the maximum number of winning payline combinations which can result is some huge winning payouts!