Fa Fa Fa Slots Review

Fa Fa Fa is a 3-reel, 3 symbol slot machine game. The Return to Player (RTP) is 90% with a maximum bet of $3.00. It takes up one pay line in your slots window and has three reel symbols on it. The reels are not animated in any way when they stop spinning though so if you’re looking for flashy graphics this will leave something to be desired.

Fa Fa Fa isn’t just another boring 3-reel, 1 pay-line game that you can play without really paying attention to every spin. There’s nothing special about the symbols but their arrangement makes them worth watching out for even more than usual because it may make winning combinations easier or harder to get depending on where the symbols land.

This is a good slot because it’s not too difficult to figure out and you’ll quickly see how much you can win when playing every spin. The payout for getting three Fa Fa Fa logos is pretty high and there aren’t that many other symbols in the game so it should be relatively easy to get something good going with the right combination of symbols.

Also, remember that this is a 90% RTP slot which means you’re guaranteed 90 cents back for every dollar wagered, so play responsibly and don’t bet more than you want to lose if you intend on playing long-term!

All in all, I would say give Fa Fa Fa slots a try if you like 3-reel games and have a couple of dollars to spare.

Number of Reels 3
Max Paylines 1
Min Wager $0.25
Max Wager $500.00
Free Spins No
Cascades No
Multiplier Symbols No
Mystery Symbols No
Wilds No
RTP 97.1%